Thierry Montochio


Y. E Mr. President and Lady Jugnauth, Hon Etienne, Hon Francoise, Excellency Former Vice President and Madame, Excellency, Ambassador of Egypt and Madame, Excellency HC Commissioner of South Africa, Excellency visiting Ambassador Nivin Ashmawi of Egypt, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to extend to you the warm greetings of Alif Society this evening and to tell you how comforting it is to be surrounded by friends who share your vision of a progressive and Rainbow Mauritius. It is also delighting to have the blessings of our patron, Ali Parker and the special help and precious advice of Baby Chattur. We are welcoming H.E the new Indian HC and Mrs. Ganapathi to our land, honouring Mr. Abdool Rashid Hossen, the new President of the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal and Mr. Thierry Montocchio, the new Laureate of the Tecoma Award.

Allow me to start by congratulating Sir Aneerood on his re-election as President of our country. His wisdom and vision have guided this land during its glorious years and the President Elect of the USA has floated to victory on a popular wave by adopting his 1982 motto of CHANGE.

Allow me to start by saying: Congratulations and best wishes to our Patron on the opening of his Jewel, Mr. Price at les Halles.

Hi to M. et Mme. Israel, a special guest from France.

Hi to Mr. Manou Bheenick, the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius and our Financial Secretary Mr. Ali Mansour and thank them because my bank is still honoring my cheque and there are no layouts,

The Directors of 4 Important Hotels who have left full house to be with us and to whom I would like to wish, in your names, the best of luck,
Mr. Chistophe Plantier of Belle Mare Plage Hotel,
Mr. Jacques Sylvan of Royal Palm,
Mr. Marc Hausser of Le Paradis and
Mr. Vincent Bergman of Prince Maurice

And Hi to Mrs. Nivin Ashmawi, visiting Ambassador of Egypt: Saada As Safira, Anti Ataiti Min Baladin Allazi Nuhibbuhu Wa Nawaddu An Nurahhiba biki.

To-night we are also honoring an all round Artist in the person of Thierry Montocchio who is a gifted entrepreneur and who enjoyed growing and selling potatoes in his backyard garden at the age of 6. At 15 he drew illustrations of Mauritius, at 17 he illustrated the BAT calendar and at 19 he won a place among the 12 best Batik Project Designer at HSC. His success encouraged him to study Graphics design in South Africa. After graduation he joined the prestigious Ogilvy World Wide Network and two years later he was recruited as Creative Director by Maurice Publicite and finally opened his own company in partnership with Michel de Speville. Now Circus is present in Reunion and will soon have an office in Madagascar. Circus had bid against French and South African companies to win a contract from the World Bank and during the past 13 years, it has won 153 Creative Awards locally, regionally and internationally. The Cheery on the cake for Thierry is the 2008 Tecoma Award.

We would like to congratulate this accomplished artist whose unique talents are opening new horizons in the Indian Ocean region and an expansion of his company’s turn over.
His achievements are a source of pride for us Mauritians and a model to be copied by the ambitious youth in quest of success. By inviting him and his family, his wife, his mother and his brother, Alif means to pay homage to a young man who is standing in the first line for the battle of development and to keep away the wolves from our doors. We also feel that we are honoring one of ours because Thierry dedicates enormous time in Social Work. He has been active in Inter Faith Dialogue and helped to fight some of the most pernicious social ills that plague our society. Thierry has a strong faith in God, dedicates time for praying in between work schedules and is a staunch believer that FAITH conquers all.

In the aftermath of the sub prime fiasco, we need his qualities as a key to progess, growth and employment. He has the flair to innovate and to mobilize the geniuses to win the battle as he has in the past against companies of the first world. He has talents commensurate with the massive challenges we are facing. He is the catalyst that sets the pace to create investors whom we shall call “Business Angels”

At a time when the doom sayers are forcasting catastrophe, I am sure that we can resolutely mobilize all those like-minded like him, two of whom are present here to-night, Cathy Giraud and Vikram Bhunjun, to steer a course to achieve the status of MID.

Thierry, Best wishes and God Speed in your endevour.