Curriculum Vitae

Personal details :

Name: Talal Abdulrahman Daous
Date of birth: 1955
Family status: Married, with four children’s
Job Title: Minister Plenipotentiary, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.
Contact address: 0504420704

Educations and Qualifications:

M.A. Political Science, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, 1981.
B.A.Public Administration, King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, S.A. 1977.
Joined many training courses: Saudi Studies course – Diplomatic and Consulate course – International Relations course – Spanish (beginning –intermediate-advance)courses – General Advanced course for high executive diplomats.

Employment History :

– (1981) Director of Student Affairs and supervising the Academic Programme, the Institute of Diplomatic Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
– (1985) Director of the Economic Research Unit, Saudi Embassy in London, U.K.
– (1991) work In the Economic department, the foreign office.
– (1993) Deputy Director of Islamic Department.
– (1995) Desk Officer of the Palestinian refugees and the International Justice Court, the International Organization Dept.
– (1998) Desk Officer, the African Department.
– (2001) Second man at The Saudi Embassy in Berlin-Germany.
– (2002) Charge’ d’affaires, the Saudi Embassy in Berlin , Germany.
– (2004) Deputy Director of the Arabic Department.
– (2007-untill now) Director of Muslin Minorities and Communities at the Organization Islamic Conference (OIC).

Work Experience:

Participated in many regional / international Conferences and Meetings:
– (1992-1993) Member of the Financial and Administrative Committee for establishing the general basis of organizational chart of the Institute of Diplomatic Studies.
– (1987) Represent The Saudi Embassy in London in The Round Table Conference on Cyprus at the House of Commons.
– (1987-1991) Attended many seminars and lectures’ as a member of Royal Institute for the International Studies and member of the Petroleum Institute in London.
– (1994) Participated in the Extraordinary Conference for Bosnia, in Jeddah, S.A.
– (1995) Member of the Saudi delegation in the Ministerial Conference of the O.I.C in Karachi, Pakistan.
– (1996) Member of the Saudi delegation to Genève, participating in Tricommittee for the missing and detainee Saudis in Iraq.
– (1996) Member of the Saudi delegation for the Palestinian Refugee Committee in Genève.
– (1997) Member of the Saudi delegation for the International Maritime Organization Conference in London, U.K.
– (2002) Represent the Saudi Embassy in Berlin for the W.T.O first conference in Hanover .
– (2005) Participating in the Third Extraordinary Conference of the Islamic Conference in Mecca.
– Since (1994) Part- time cooperative with the Ministry of Information and Culture.

– “Diplomacy and Diplomat” Alsharq Al-Awsat, 1986.
– “Behavior Analysis of the Political Decision Makers”, Diplomatic Studies pub. 1996.
– “Review of International Human Rights Compaign”, Deplomatic Studies pub., 1997.
– “International Positive Sanctions” under publishing.

MS words (Arabic- English), Windows intermediate
Arabic, English (v.good), Spanish (fair).
Hobbies :
Swimming, Table Tinnes, Reading.