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KURSHIDA BOOLAKY living and working in Canada

Khurshid with mother and Dada at UPM Graduation Ceremony

Khurshid was among the second batch of students who studied at the UPM, from Alif Society.

She did her primary and secondary schooling at the Mesnil Government school and the Aleemiah College respectively.

Khurshid completed her Certificate in Information Technology from the British Computer Society before embarking on her Honours degree course in Computer & Communication Engineering at the UPM. During her studies, she was offered to be Trainee Engineer at SIRIM Berhad, Malaysia. She specialised on the Fibre to Home project in Malaysia.

Fresh from the University, she was appointed as the first Fixed/Optical Network Product Manager, Huawei Technologies (Mauritius)in 2005.

Today she works as Technical Support Representative – Simpson Strong Tie Canada where she assists customers’ requests / inquiries, providing superior customer service, technical advice and provides different solutions for complex constructions scenarios.

AMEERAH BOOLAKY [living and working in Canada]



did her primary  schooling at the Mesnil Government school and joined the Aleemiah Secondary College.

After completing her BEng in Mechatronics from the International Islamic University of Malaysia, she mastered in Aerospace Engineering from the Concordia University (a Joint program with Mc Gill University and Ecole de Technologie Superieur (ETS)).

She is the Safety Management System Coordinator – a project she developed at Pratt & Whitney, Canada.


Zaheer Beekun

  • UPM student from 2001-2004
  • Holder of a BSc. Hons Computer Science – Major in Computer Systems
  • Tutor French Proficiency at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication – UPM.
  • Supply Teacher for Computer Studies – Royal College Port-Louis and Port Louis North SSS
  • 2005 – started as Sales Representative at Compuspeed Ltd
  • Now Sales Manager at Compuspeed.


Gooda Sahib

Currently [2016] a 3rd year student at Universiti Putra Malaysia specialising in Aerospace Engineering, a combination of aeronautical  and astronautical Engineering.

My CGPA 3.542/4 after 4 semesters and so I am on the Dean’s List (CGPA 3.75)
Aviation industry was always my thing so I do not mind the challenges to burn the midnight oil as the promise of a bright career is the prize.


Ten years ago I could not even dream that I would be able to study abroad. My lifelong wish of becoming a Pharmacist came true thanks to the generous educational scholarship from Alif Society.

Kaleem Jeehoo

I was finally awarded a first class Honours degree in Pharmacy from Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia after 5 years of study. The scholarship has enabled me to earn credentials today as a healthcare professional that serves the community. Without doubt, the financial help from Alif Society had eased my financial burden and had freed me to concentrate in my studies, let alone the notes and hundreds of very boring books. I would like to thank Mr Dawood Auleear, President of Alif Society and all his members for the confidence they placed on me and I trust Alif will continue with this noble job of helping students to achieve their goals in life.



I’m currently [2016] studying Bachelor of Computer Science Majoring in Software Engineering in Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM). My current CGPA is 3.265 in my 3rd year of study.

Life in UPM is exciting and challenging and I hope it will continue to be like that in the coming years.  I am grateful to Alif Society for having helped my admission to this great centre of learning. I am working hard and hope to make the grades and join  gainful employment to improve the living conditions of my family.


Enrolled at UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia) in civil engineering since 2012 through Alif Society which keeps on providing me with support that a student needs,  I am confident to finish my studies among the top of my class.wakeel khadaroo
UPM, one of the top 400 universities of the World, is  offering me all opportunities to improve my skills. I’ve already won 1st prize in a bridge building competition which was held in UTM (University Technology, Malaysia). I make an appeal to ambitious young boys and girls to seek guidance from ALIF society for their future course of studies.



Summayyah Khodabocus


I am studying Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Faculty of Economics and Management in University Putra Malaysia.

The duration of my studies is four years from 2014 to 2018. This is my second year 1st semester, and my previous CGPA was 3.243. I thank Alif Society for giving me this opportunity to study in UPM.





Kurreemun Zainab

Currently studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in UPM,
Enrolled thanks to Alif Society. The latter is continuously helping me by providing the scholarship to study in UPM, internship and career opportunities; and expanding my professional network.
My CGPA has been above 3.75 which entitles me to enter the Dean’s list.


I am an Alif Society candidate studying in University Putra Malaysia for a Bachelor in Economics and majoring in International Economics and Trade. NundlollI  have already completed 7 semesters and on June 2016, I shall be sitting for my final Examinations. I did my internship in GSK in Malaysia for one month. I am on the Dean’s List since the very first semester and hope to stay on the list till the completion of my study.


Studying abroad is what many students aspire to but alas not everyone’s dream come true. As for me, yes I was amongst those students harboring the ‘study abroad dream’ but I couldn’t see that dream of mine realizing until I was privileged to be selected by the philanthropic body, Alif Society.  Today I can proudly say that I am a third year Biomedical Science student in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in University Putra Malaysia with a First class CGPA of 3.802, all made possible by Alif Society to which I am very appreciative and indebted for life.

PEEROO UZMApeeroo uzma


I am Uzma Peeroo, aged 22, from Camp de Masque.  I am currently completing my bachelor in civil engineering at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).There is still one more semester to go.   My university years until now have been an amazing experience in more than one aspect.  This has been greatly possible for me due to the help of Alif Society which has offered me financial support as well as administrative help when needed.  UPM is one of the best public universities in Malaysia and is ranked among the first 400 in the world and I am honored to have been granted this opportunity to be part of Alif and part of UPM.


sekender mohammad

I am from Calebasses, Pamplemousses. I am enrolled since 2015 at UPM(University Putra Malaysia) in Computer Science, majoring in Multimedia. It is my first semester now and am waiting for my semester Examinations results. I am grateful to Alif Society which keeps on providing me with financial support, administrative help and advice on my future career opportunities. I am proud to be a student of the prestigious  UPM which is ranked among the top 400 universities of the world. I am confident that I will acquire skills that will make me eligible for the best jobs.

SOOBRATTY NADEEM HOSSEN [living and working in Dubai]


I read a BSc in Business Mathematics and Statistics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. This would never have been possible without the help of Alif Society, Mr. Dawood Auleear and Mr. Raouf  Woozer. I am extremely thankful for their help at a very much needed time.

Alif Society is a one of a kind society and it is now our duty as the students who have been guided to continue the hard work and assist as much as we can. I have always believed in a chain link system where the past generation assist the next generation. Alif Society is the answer to this. However, the mission of Alif Society does not stop here. I have had the pleasure of networking with a lot of people through Alif, some whom I can now call my friends.

Alhamdulilah, these days I am working at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) in the Dubai office and I am in the Deals division – Transaction services. I feel so honoured and blessed to be a part of Alif society.”

Thank you Alif for making this for me.


Ali Hisaund
Ali Hisaund

University Attended : Universiti Putra Malaysia through Alif Society

Year : 2001- 2005

Degree : B.Eng (Hons) Computer and Communication Systems Engineering

Job History :
Current : Technical Operation Owner, Orange Business Services
Previous : Application Hosting Administrator, Orange Business Services
Knowledge and Support Engineer, Orinux (Mauritius) Limited
IT Engineer, State Informatics Limited
Junior Systems Engineer, State Informatics Limited


Yaasir Fakirah
Yaasir Fakirah

I am reading for the Bachelor of Economics at University Putra Malaysia (UPM). I am in my second year of study in such a well-performing institution thanks to Alif Society. UPM is one of the biggest, if not the biggest university in Malaysia, and the course material is first class. My CGPA for my first year of study was 3.195, but I am working hard to improve it in the third semester. whose results I am eagerly awaiting.

Dr MAHERALLY ZAYNAH[living and working in Britain]


I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences from University Putra Malaysia in 2004 and went on to complete a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences at the Curtin University of Technology in Australia in 2007. I then moved to the United Kingdom and obtained a PhD in Neuro-Oncology from the Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence at the University of Portsmouth in 2011. My PhD project was comprised of understanding the complex machinery of brain tumour invasion (Maherally Z et al., 2012). The study focused on the interaction of poliovirus receptor (CD155) and hyaluronic acid (CD44) in the spread of tumour cells in intrinsic brain tumours. I further examined the effects of manipulating CD155 and CD44 with subunits of integrins by confocal microscopy and observed a reduction in integrin expression as well as a reorganisation of the cytoskeleton to a rounder morphology of transfected cells (Maherally Z et al, 2015). Following my PhD, I was employed by the University of Portsmouth to work on a project to investigate gene control in cerebral metastasis, which is now being undertaken by my PhD student (Jassam S, Maherally Z et al., 2015). In 2012, I won a competitive worldwide scholarship to attend a brain tumour course at the prestigious Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York and in 2013, an award to attend the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Meeting in San Francisco, USA. As well as being a dedicated researcher, I have a passion for educating tomorrow’s scientist and was blessed to attend highly-valued meetings, interacting with key scientists as well give talks both within the UK and worldwide. Years on, I am still working at Portsmouth and my teaching roles are aligned with my major research areas in blood brain barrier, metastasis and drug-delivery. Recently promoted to team leader within the Neuro-Oncology group, I am currently developing a reproducible in vitro ‘all human’ three dimensional (3D) blood-brain barrier (B-BB) model to test potential therapeutics including nanoparticle-delivered treatment. Together with other scientists (UK-based and internationally), we are planning to assess the nanoparticle-cell interactions and examine the capability of the nanoparticles to accumulate selectively within malignant human glioma cells. I am also closely involved in mentoring ERASMUS, BSc, MSc as well as PhDs at Portsmouth and has been sought to teach and train PhDs from Oxford university, UCLAN as well as UPM. In parallel, I gained a ‘Associate Lecturer’s professional’ certificate with excellence which is a descriptor of the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in Higher Education (UKPSF).
I dedicate my achievements to my parents whose unconditional love, trust and support have been a source of undeniable encouragement and inspiration throughout my life as well as to my brothers (Iqbal and Nabiil) for their love and everlasting faith in my true potential. My heartfelt thanks are also extended to Mr Dawood Aulear from Alif Society who believed in my capabilities and without whom I would not have travelled the amazing yet challenging journey towards being an accomplished and independent person.  Above all, a sincere thanks to God, the omnipresent for giving me strength to achieve my goals and who continues to make the impossible possible.


Fareea Peerally
Fareea Peerally

From : Port Louis, among the first batch that attended UPM as Alif Society Students.
2004 : BSc Biomedical Sciences UPM
Oct 2004 : Start work as Medical laboratory technician Fortis Clinique Darné.
July 2008 : Left job as med lab tech. Got married. And moved to U.K
Dec 2008 up till now : Biomedical Scientist for Public Health England, Microbiology department based at Addenbrookes, Cambridge University hospitals.
Professional qualifications :

  • Member of Health Care & Professions Council
  • Member of Institute of Biomedical Sciences U.K



‘A graduate architect’ I can proudly puff up my chest and say that I am one.  I must admit that Alif Society has had a great contribution in this achievement of mine.  I previously studied Bachelor of Architecture (Part 1) at the University Technology Mara (UiTM) after which, through Alif Society I completed the part 2 in University Putra Malaysia.  It was my father who introduced me to this benevolent Alif Society of which I am member today.  It gives me great pleasure and immense pride in helping this society in carrying out its mandate


I hold a BSc with Honors in Physics. I completed my studies at Universiti Putra Malaysia. I obtained a scholarship from Alif Society which enabled me to complete my studies overseas at such prestigious institute. Alif Society has always been willing to help me or any students unconditionally throughout our academic years in Malaysia. Having done my tertiary education in another country brought a lot to me in terms of independence, responsibility and cultural awareness which boosted my confidence and social skills. I had the opportunity to work with a lot of respected Professors and discover numerous aspects of physics through research. I am currently working as a physics teacher at a State School. I feel so blessed and honoured to be part of Alif Society.



I was born in a middle class family in a suburb of Port-Louis (Vallée-Pitot) on 8th August 1992. I attended Professor Hassan Raffa S.S.S. from 2004 to 2008 before shifting to John Kennedy College to complete my High School Certificate in 2009-2010. The following year I was rewarded as the student who obtained the best result at A’ level in my region.
In July 2011, I received my admission letter to join Universiti Putra Malaysia. An admission for which all due goes to Alif Society, without which I would have never been able to fulfill my childhood dream of doing Architecture as a career. I joined UPM to earn a B.Sc. in Architecture degree at the end of a 3.5 years’ course. There, I have had numerous opportunities to express my creativity and my talents which earned me many awards, notably the Architecture Academic Excellence Award in 2012, the 1st Meritorious Award at university level for Architectural Students Design Awards (ASDA) competition and the Commendation Award at Intervarsity level for the same competition in 2014.
Studying Abroad in a Muslim country like Malaysia was a turning point in my life. I encountered new people, experienced new language, new culture and new way of living that really helped me to mature, be a more responsible person and learn to be independent. During my days there, I travelled a lot because my course required so in order to discover and learn new aspects of life and how to deal with people of different background and that helped me to build my character and personality. I thank Alif Society to have made all this possible for me, because without that input from Alif, I do not know where I would have been today. Thankfully, I am happy where I am now.
In November 2015, I have successfully graduated with a Second Class Upper Honours degree. Now, I am working as Junior Architect at One Arch Ltd. I have joined the company in March 2015 soon after I returned to Mauritius.
Contact : Email:     Tel: +23058892570

Syeda Durr e Shahwar

syeda durr e shahwar
Syeda Durr e Shahwar

Ph.D Research Summary:

Working in the field of molecular medicine and drug research. Cloning and expression of bacterial proteins for structure elucidation. Ultimate task is to find structure function relationship and potent inhibitor against these proteins.



Studying at University Putra Malaysia,
Secondary Sooling: Loreto College of Port Louis.
Just completed [March 6] my first semester and starting second semester of my first year.
I am studying Food science and Technology.