The President had invited the OIC to visit Mauritius during a meeting with the Secretary General Ehsanoglu in Jeddah. Dr.Talal Daus, Asst. Secretary General and Minority affairs Minister, Dr. Mahmoud Compaore were guests of Alif Society. They paid courtesy calls on the SAJ, President of Mauritius, the Dep. PM Beeeejaun and Minister of HousingĀ  Dr. Aboo Kasenally and on the request of Alif Society, proposed an offer of 350 low cost houses and soft loans from the Islamic Development Bank. The Mauritian Government had to apply, as a condition, for a seat of Observer at the OIC. Dr. Daous guaranteed that the application would follow a fast track and Mauritius could subsequently benefit from the resources of the OIC.


Dawood Auleear first met Secretary General Ehsanoglu on 13 December 2009 at the OIC HQ in Jeddah which meeting was the precursor to the development in OIC-ALIF relationship.


ALIF SOCIETY shared the visitors with Alif Well Wishers over a dinner in a Restaurant in Port Louis.


Rahela Mooniaruch and Afzal Delabar accompanied the visitors on the courtesy call they paid to the Dep. Prime Minister Dr. Rashid Beebeejaun in his Port Louis office.


The Former Vice President, Hon Raouf Bundhun was present at the dinner in Port louis.