It all started after a visit to Fatih University by the President. Professor Alparslan introduced Dawood Auleear to the Presidents of Government Universities in Istanbul and also to the Director of IRCICA, Mr. Halit Eren. The President was successful in obtaining some seats in Turkish Universities. A year later, on the invitation of IRCICA, Dawood Auleear attended, with participants of the Muslim World, a conference on the anniversary of the revelation of the Holy Quran.


Dawood Auleear was introduced to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan who assigned one of his advisors to open a Mauritian desk at the PMO.

On the sideline of the Conference, Dawood Auleear had a tete a tete with Secretary General of OIC when the SG decided to send an OIC delegation to visit Mauritius. A team headed by the Asst. SG, Dr. Talal Daous and Director of Muslim Minority Affairs, Dr. Mahmoud Compaore were guests of Alif Society.


In the name of Alif Society, Dawood Auleear had offered a ship model each to PM Eerdogan, OIC SG Ehsanoglu and Director of IRCICA, Halit Eren.