The President was introduced to Sheik Said Loota by an Egyptian  well wisher. Sheik Said, in his eighties is a visionary in his own right. He wants to emancipate girls and has opened the Dubai Medical College for Girls. Sheik Said is a generous man who judiciously uses his wealth. He offered seats to Alif students, fully financed by a soft refundable loan after completion of their studies.

Dawood Auleear meets Sheik Said Loota in his Loota Town Office when the Sheik showed him on live video the activities of his University situated miles away and made the generous offer to Alif Society.


Prof Jalal is the Rector of DMCG. He understands the problems of girls in some Muslim Countries and fully supports Alif Society aims to empower ambitious youths.


The President was invited to the Graduation ceremony of the Dubai Medical College for Girls. Dr. Jalal is making his keynote address.


An International Islamic conference on the Theme Scientific signs in the Quran and the Sunnah was organised under the patronage of H E Sheik Mohammad Bin Rashid. One keynote speaker was Prof Zagloll Najjar of Egypt, an Eminent Professor of Geology who sponsored Alif's President as a participant.