Nirvan Virasamy

We all need heroes, if for no other reason than to inspire hope in our future. We need them now badly because we notice a disruption in our value system leading our nationals to delinquent behaviors. Those who should be craving for them are our youths. Our young men and women, at this stage in their lives, are full of dreams and visions and have to be guided by role models who could act a catalyst to translate those dreams into reality.
Heroes are different from celebrities. Their achievements inspire youths and invite them to identify with them. They are just common mortals like us with the exception that their success has made them larger than life. They are non-conformists and always brave enough to defy beliefs that hamper society’s progress.
Our fresh University graduates are ambitious, by some standards, irrationally so. They are swayed by the revolution of the rising expectations. Many parents feel uncomfortable at the “unreasonable” expectations of their children. These grown-ups should look around them and judge some success stories. One story that needs to be told is that of Nirvan Veerasamy who was CEO of Air Mauritius for a very brief period.
To-day, he is the MD of VELING, a Solution Provider in the Global Aviation Arena and whose activities include Aircraft Sales & Remarketing, Aircraft Leasing & Asset Management, providing Structured Finance to Air Companies and whose clients are: Air India, Silk Air, Air Sahara, Kingfisher, Sri Lankan and such prestigious names as Emirates and Singapore Airlines.
Nirvan is leading an international team and is making headway in a line of business where dogs eat dogs. Contracts can be lost in favour of a competitor whose offer is a “few pennies” less. To finance the purchase of his planes, Nirvan is increasingly taking on board local banks. He also insists on maintaining the seat of his company on the Mauritian soil despite the miseries caused to him by petty minds of the civil service. Veling has several planes on lease to SIA and is the number two lessor of planes to Emirates and is poised to become Number one. I bet many would like to emulate Nirvan. After all, why not?
If Nirvan can, our youths can.
Dawood Auleear.