Mauritius and South Africa

Dumi Matabane has left his foot prints in Mauritius as an active Diplomat trying hard to enrich bilateral relations of his country to Mauritius. His wife reached out to the civic Society to bring her contribution to the design of Mr. Matabane.

Mrs. Matabane with her Mauritians guests in the presence of Lady Jugnauth and Mrs. Beebeejaun [wife of DPM Beebeejaun]
Mrs. Matabane with her Mauritians guests in the presence of Lady Jugnauth and Mrs. Beebeejaun [wife of DPM Beebeejaun]
Hour Excellency the President and Lady Jugnauth,
Your Excellency former Vice President, Mr. Raouf Bundhun and Mrs. Bundhun,
Members of the Diplomatic Corps
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We would like to extend our warm greetings to you all this evening to our dinner to welcome the new SA HC to Mauritius. This activity is our way to recognize the missions that are helping the development of our country; this function is made possible by the support of our dedicated well-wisher Ali Parker. We would like to thank H E the President and Lady Jugnauth for honoring this event.
I would like to start by talking about a country and its representative which are very close to us and whose President honored us twice within a month. H.E Dumi Madumane Matabane was born in the first half of last century and holds an LLb and a Masters in Comparative Jurisprudence. He has a very rich career: he has been a language Instructor and Translator, Administrative Secretary for International Affairs of the ANC, ANC Chief Representative in the US, Director for Policy Services, Deputy Director, Land Reform Implementation Assistant Secretary for International Relations, South African Ambassador to Eretria and since last Month,he is the Chief of mission of the South African HC in Port Louis.
Excellency, you represent a country whose first President is an Icon of Humanity and Humility. Mr. Mandela, whose birthday my Society celebrated jointly with your High Commissioner Mr.Mguni, is a leader who cannot be emulated unless one is endowed with the wisdom, patience and magnanimity of a Saint. Even Roben Island did not break his will to render him vindictive.
Under Mandela’s influence, your country has vowed and is healing the divisions of the past and to lay the foundations for a democratic and open society. We also note with satisfaction that the first wave of Mauritian emigrants to your land is enjoying a happy life and acting as intermediaries to bring us together economically and socially. It is a great honor and pride that South Africa claims Mahatma Gandhi as its own because it is in South Africa that Gandhiji developed and fashioned Satyagraha as a tool of liberation. We would therefore venture with Louis Skweyiya, your Constitutional Court Judge that Mandela, like Gandhi is a “universal man, timeless in impact, as relevant today, as he was yesterday, as he will be tomorrow”. Indeed South Africa is a model for the rest of the world. Excellency, we ardently pray that South Africa is successful in its relay race of continuous rebirth and in Mr. Mbeki’s quest of Business Unusual so that the dream of a better life becomes a reality for all South Africans and its spill over benefits also many others outside your borders. We pray that your experience in hosting The FIFA SOCCER WORLD CUP be a resounding success. Your country adheres to the philosophy of liberation of Kwame N’kruma and is playing a constructive role mainly to bring peace and development in Africa. South Africa is a reservoir of clients and a massive source of investment
in our hotel industry; the presence of Messrs De Ravel, SKOV-HANSEN, Llewellyn and Koster
is a testimony of what I am saying. This policy is in line with your belief that if freedom is the crown, which the fighters of liberation sought to place on the head of Mother Africa, the upliftment, the happiness, prosperity and comfort of her children is the jewel of the crown.”
Excellency, Alif would like to welcome you and your family to our island whose hospitality is proverbial and formulate the wish that your mission always keeps its doors open to us for friendly exchanges.


Jacob Zuma,
The spotlight of the world media will be beaming this week on South Africa as it is celebrating its freedom day and when the South Africans are renewing their confidence in the ANC by giving it a landslide victory and bringing Jacob Zuma, the Maverick, at the helm of the country.
What sets our colonial cousin and neighbor apart from ex-colonies is the generous way it has set itself to build a new nation after the dismantling of Apartheid. History will remember that though deeply hurt by long years of struggle which caused innumerable deaths, the venerable Mandela
did not lose hope and did not succumb to the base human instinct of revenge. On the contrary, he made it his challenge to bring harmony, national reconciliation and a peaceful transition to democracy. South Africa has stood on the moral high ground and taught the world the meaning of magnanimity and political wisdom by refusing to revert to violence and opening wide its arms to yesterday’s rivals. Thanks to this generosity, to-day a new breed of South African is born to form a rainbow nation. Let us not forget that Africa is the cradle of humanity. Africa needs the world just as the world needs Africa. The world, especially its belligerent nations, have to learn a lesson or two from South Africa in conflict resolution to make today’s world different, peaceful, friendly, safe and egalitarian.
We applaud with both hands this new South Africa, transformed by the vision of its farsighted leaders from an agricultural and mining economy into a diversified and sufficiently strong one to impose its will in international trade and at the same time demonstrate the enterprising mind of the African. South Africa has succeeded in correcting the injustices of racial discrimination, controlling communal tensions, building a just society and giving access to its population to essential services.
Mauritius and South Africa have a long history of co-operation which has been reinforced by the presence on South African soil of a large number of second and third generation Mauritians, joint ventures in the economic fields, our adhesion to AU, IORC and SADC which gives a boost to our already healthy commerce. I can even venture to say that South Africa and Mauritius form a family.
On this auspicious occasion, I would request Mr. Dumi Matabane, one of the heroes of this glorious revolution and the South African High Commissioner in Mauritius, to transmit our best wishes to his Government and his people.
Excellency, now that the South African people have spoken and renewed their complete confidence in the ANC’s ability to take your country forward, I want to extend to you my sincere congratulations and prayers of success. South Africa, at this decisive moment in her history has made remarkable economic and political progress, brought peace to Angola and Zimbabwe, and this clout must lead her to play an ever greater part in world affairs. Your people hope that your Government will find answers to their concerns and to the challenges confronting them.
God Speed.
Dawood Auleear.