Justice Rashid Hossen


After Dinner Speech in honor of Justice Rashid Hossen

Y. E Mr. President and Lady Jugnauth, Hon Etienne, Hon Francoise, Excellency Former Vice President and Madame, Excellency, Ambassador of Egypt and Madame, Excellency HC Commissioner of South Africa, Excellency visiting Ambassador Nivin Ashmawi of Egypt, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to extend to you the warm greetings of Alif Society this evening and to tell you how comforting it is to be surrounded by friends who share your vision of a progressive and Rainbow Mauritius. It is also delighting to have the blessings of our patron, Ali Parker and the special help and precious advice of Baby Chattur. We are welcoming H.E the new Indian HC and Mrs. Ganapathi to our land, honouring Mr. Abdool Rashid Hossen, the new President of the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal and Mr. Thierry Montocchio, the new Laureate of the Tecoma Award.

Allow me to start by congratulating Sir Aneerood on his re-election as President of our country. His wisdom and vision have guided this land during its glorious years and the President Elect of the USA has floated to victory on a popular wave by adopting his 1982 motto of CHANGE.

Allow me to start by saying: Congratulations and best wishes to our Patron on the opening of his Jewel, Mr. Price at les Halles.

Hi to M. et Mme. Israel, a special guest from France.

Hi to Mr. Manou Bheenick, the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius and our Financial Secretary Mr. Ali Mansour and thank them because my bank is still honoring my cheque and there are no layouts,

The Directors of 4 Important Hotels who have left full house to be with us and to whom I would like to wish, in your names, the best of luck,
Mr. Chistophe Plantier of Belle Mare Plage Hotel,
Mr. Jacques Sylvan of Royal Palm,
Mr. Marc Hausser of Le Paradis and
Mr. Vincent Bergman of Prince Maurice

And Hi to Mrs. Nivin Ashmawi, visiting Ambassador of Egypt: Saada As Safira, Anti Ataiti Min Baladin Allazi Nuhibbuhu Wa Nawaddu An Nurahhiba biki.

Mr. Rashid Hossen has the best of groundings. He holds an LLB from England, has read international law at the Hague Academy, is conversant with American Legal System and has toured France, Italy, Australia, the US and South Africa to specialise in different legal systems. After his pupilage in the prestigious Moolan Chambers, he has successively been a Crown Counsel, District Magistrate, Senior Crown Counsel, Senior District Magistrate, Magistrate of the Intermediate Court, Vice President of Permanent Arbitration Tribunal, Ag President, PAT, Ag President Civil service Arbitration Tribunal and this year, he has finally been confirmed President, Permanent Arbitration Tribunal. Mr. Rashid Hossen is married to Sarah and the couple have 2 children.

Mr. Hossen’s character is unique. Talk to anyone who knows him, the same words come up over and over again to describe him – ‘humane’, ‘natural’, ‘kind’, ‘friendly’, ‘clever’, ‘generous’, ‘fair’ and somebody who does not mince words. In a press interview he declared that there are judges who have acted in undignified manners. He himself is leaving in many ways his mark on the law and he is leaving it as a human being. He is an example and inspiration to all young lawyers.

Given this dazzling and rich career which spans over 20 years, one can safely say that there is a wide category of plaintiff in this country whose life has been touched by his work. Among those who have appeared before him are: Sir Gaetan Duval, Vice Prime Minister Harish Boodhoo and Minister Michael Glover. When one deals with such high profile cases, one has to be trained in the art of not succumbing to influences. To his credit, he has on these issues kept focused unwaveringly on what he has conceived to be the core, and not been distracted by the irrelevant or the unimportant, so much so that he received the recognition of Sir Gaetan. His judgement on the 40 hour week in the sugar industry has saved this vital sector.

He has a number of bedrock characteristics which have been guiding him at each stage of his judicial career: justice for all, each individual treated equally and fairly, by his fellow man and by the state, each person entitled to respect, dignity and a voice. And that is the essence of life. Mr. Rashid Hossen has kept those ideals close at hand in all his work and I hope Mauritius will recognize him, most of all, for that. He simply has absolute faith in the judicial system’s duty to protect the weak and restrain the powerful. And we all share his essentially civilised view of society. He has done it from a position of total loyalty to the beliefs and institutions, which have nurtured him – the Islamic faith, the Bar, the Bench, and the Mauritian law.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hossen’s love for the law and dedication to justice is clearly non-contagious. His two children Zeenat and Abdul Azize, are dedicated to Business studies, business which permeates the family since the first Hossens set foot in Port Louis. Mr. Hossen, we would like to join your supportive family members present tonight, your lovely wife, your brother Farook and his children and your cousin Abdulla, to wish you well.