Alif believes that to develop Mauritius, there is a need for visionaries who act as engine to pull the Mauritian wagons of development. Alif seizes all opportunities to honour those outstanding Mauritians whose contributions have added to the advancement of our country.

List of some of our Honorees:

  1. Chief Justice Sik Yuen
  2. President Ameenah Gurrib Fakim
  3. Vice Presidents Bundhun and Vyapooree
  4. Manu Bheenick, Former Governor of the Bank of Mauritius.
  5. Ramesh Basant Roi, former Governor of the Bank of Mauritius.
  6. Justices Angoh, Narain, Fekna and Joseph.
  7. Rene Noel, manager of LONHRO
  8. Jacques Li Wan PO, CEO of Li Wan Po group of Companies.
  9. Bashir Currimjee, CEO, CJ group.
  10. Maurice Vigier de La Tour, Manager, Floreal Knitwear.
  11. Sidambaram, CEO, Air Mauritius.
  12. Virahsamy, CEO, Air Mauritius.
  13. Poonoosamy, CEO, Air Mauritius.
  14. Vayid, former President, MEF.
  15. Dunienville, CEO, Omnicane.
  16. Danny Giraud, CEO, Medine Group.
  17. De Speville, CEO, FAIL group.
  18. Mohith, former CMO.
  19. Francois Koenig, Archirect.
  20. Father Henri Souchon
  21. Silk Members Robert Andre Rousset and Zubeida Salajee