ALIF organised a dinner-reception in honour of H.E Mr Sun Gongyi, Ambassador of the PRC and H. E Yoshiharu KATO, Ambassador of Japan on Tuesday 10 October 2017 at the SARM Hall, Phoenix. The guests of Honour were Sir Aneerood and Lady Jugnauth. Ministers Sinatambou and Husnoo also graced the function.

After the cocktail and dinner, Sameera Chattun addressed the gathering in the following words.

We would like to welcome H. E KATO to our country. Excellency, Japan and Mauritius have established relations for a long time and the opening of your Embassy is long overdue. We vividly remember the Research Centre in Albion and the financial support your country has provided for our development projects. As an Association involved in Education, enjoying an Observer Status at the Asian Universities Presidents Forum, we had invited a delegation from MIRAI University, Hakodate to prospect possibility of collaboration in Ocean Studies with Mauritius. So, I would say it is better that you have come late than later still.

Excellency, you are the third largest world economy and a leader in the latest technology, especially robotics with which you would like to solve the problems of employment caused by your ageing population. As most countries we too look towards you for guidance in our development projects. But your country can best serve the world if it is living in a peaceful environment.

We are aware and worried of the tensions in your part of the world. Our fervent wish is that all your neighbours solve your problems through dialogue and in the respect of International law. It is time that they forget the scars of the past. If Europe can overcome its hurdles and today Britain, France and Germany can sit in a civilized manner around the same table for frank exchanges, why can’t the Asian countries with a rich culture do the same? Japan is sending forces to maintain peace in hot regions and volunteers who risk their lives as hostages for economic development: can’t it propose the same solution to its neighbours?

We have so much to say but I prefer to keep some talking points for later. Let me wish that your stay among us be a most enjoyable one and that before your term ends, Japan will have found a permanent seat at the United Nations.

Enjoy a happy stay among us.

The speech of Samera was followed by that of Dawood Auleear, the President.


Mesdames et Messieurs, Chers Amis,

Nous avons l’honneur d’accueillir S.E M. Sun Gongyi, le nouvel Ambassadeur de ce géant qui a légué au monde le compas, la poudre a canon, le papier, l’imprimerie et le dernier fleuron: la plus grande ferme solaire flottante au monde capable de produire 40 MW d’énergie ;et maintenant elle s’est mise au travail, après BRICS, pour la réalisation de l’OBOR récemment baptise BRI. L’amitié entre la Chine et Maurice est une très longue histoire. Nous aimons a dire que nous sommes le premier pays à reconnaitre l’existence d’une Chine unique et pas, ce qui est vrai,  parmi les premiers. Nous sommes redevables envers l’Empire du milieu pour les réalisations de nos Écoles primaires, nos hôpitaux, nos smart cities, l’aéroport SSR, les projets immobiliers, le stade Anjaley, le Bagatelle dam, le siège de la MBC, et autre nouveau complexe sportif.

 La largesse chinoise s’étend dans le monde: pour ne citer que quelques uns : le corridor du Canal de Suez au cout de US35 milliards, le CPEC au Pakistan, plus de 100 milliards, amélioration du Tanzam railway,  le métro d’Ethiopie et les infrastructures  du Népal, de la Malaisie, du Bhutan et de l’Indonésie.

Mais la générosité de la Chine est mieux appréciée en cernant le projet BRICS, accueilli par la moquerie par ses détracteurs comme BLOODY RIDICULOUS INVESTMENT CONCEPT ou le groupe de PAPER TIGERS, et le BRI. Et rira bien qui rira dernier.  La philosophie chinoise croit que les oies sauvages peuvent braver les tempêtes s’ils volent en colonies pour arriver au bon port. Et cette colonie est une réalité maintenant avec le BRI, la Russie jouant un rôle crucial; Le BRICS qui représente 40% de la population et le quart de l’économie mondiale maintenant ;  il est prévu que le produit national brut de l’Asie oriental dépassera celui des Etats Unis durant la présidence de Donald Trump et ce sera la déroute du monde unipolaire.

Napoléon disait que quand la Chine s’éveillera, le monde tremblera mais l’évidence est que quand la Chine s’éveille, le monde s’émerveille. Et le monde gagnera s’il monte dans le train de paix Chinois. SUN TA SIR HUAN YIN YUAN YIN. XIE XIE

Ladies and gentleman,

We are living in dangerous times, with sabre rattling in the South China Sea, nuclear tests on the Korean peninsula, terror bombings in the Middle East and around the Indian subcontinent and bomb blasts in European capitals. One can easily get lost in the maze of accusations being exchanged between and among protagonists. Most of the time, the common factor is the Muslim who is being made a synonym for terrorism. Followers of Islam make up about a quarter of humanity, form a majority in 57 countries and are present in substantial numbers in most parts of the world enough to pose as a destabilizing element in their society.

Being part of the Ummah, we feel concerned about our image and we become uncomfortable when the Mass Media blasts the news of terrorist attacks in densely populated areas. Who wouldn’t be if he loves humanity? The Muslim is taught that taking one life is equivalent to erasing the whole of humanity. Apart from association with terrorism, the Muslim woman is pictured as being subjugated to veil herself and needs to go out only accompanied by a man who is the slave driver. A lady from a Foreign mission once hesitated to accept my invitation for dinner like this one as she suspected she would not find her way to her table in a segregated reception.

This description is partly true but using one big brush to tar the entire population of 1.6 billion Muslims into this picture is something that needs to be critically looked at, and certainly something that most Muslims should avoid to achieve.  Just simply ask: Qui Bono?

Alternative media is projecting quite a different narrative. Are only Muslim women or all women getting a rough deal by the macho man? Are only Muslim women veiled? Is humanity being decimated only by Muslims? Who created and armed Muslim terrorism that is morphing into new names in new regions? And which country is airlifting 20 ISIS commanders from DEIR EZZOR? Which News Agency is relaying salafist ideology through IKRA TV?

Who is shipping and managing the Afghan opium trade to finance secret services? Why has terrorism not been eradicated with the smartest bombs available to the proponents of peace? Why terrorists are never taken as prisoners but allowed a passage to safety after their activities in a region?

Are we not taking the trees for the forest? Has the world ever considered the number of Muslims who, while risking their own lives, saved victims or would-be victims of terrorism? Has the world asked what is the percentage of terrorists in the population? Take France for example: France is home to between 7m and 10m Muslims, about 10 to 15% of the population. The Security personnel at Orly could be made up of between 10 and 15 % Muslims. If they were the bloodthirsty goons, France would be paralysed any time and every time. Fortunately, making the Muslim the bogey man is not paying according to the expectations of the promoters. Reasonable and sane voices are rising to decry the excesses of some scaremongers.

We would like to say the world should not fear Muslims in general but only the lunatic fringe ready to create havoc. Let us join hands in building a model of civilization where discrimination, insecurity, greed, inequality, survival of the fittest and beggar-thy-neighbour mentality are rooted out for good and where we promote dialogue and cooperation and shared prosperity. Let us together build this lovely world. This is our message. Thank you.

WE are now going to offer a present to our guests and we’ll request Lady Jugnauth to hand over the gifts to them

First H. E Mr. SUN

Now H. E Mr. KATO.

Enjoy your dessert and tea.


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