Profession: [RETIRED] Education Officer of Sociology, History and Social Studies.

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Teaching and Social Work.

SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE: Mutawalli of Masjids and Madressas and Leading Social Dialogue.

  • Member Steering Committee on Maurice Ile Durable, set up by the Prime Minister of Mauritius, to work towards producing a Green Mauritius.
  • Member of the National Zakat Fund.
  • Member of Mauritius Royal Society of Arts and Science.
  • Vice President of the National Federation of Young Farmers
  • Founder Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius,.
  • Member of GOPIO
  • Member of GIANTS
  • Member of Federation of Civil service Unions
  • Secretary General of ACIM

conferences on Halal in Malaysia.

conferences on Islamic Banking and Finance.

conferences on Islam in Indonesia.

conference on the 1400th anniversary of the revelation of the Quran in Istanbul organized by the OIC.

Mo Ibrhaim Conference.

Langkawi Dialogue


World Islamic Counties Universities Leaders Forum


BOOK WRITTEN. Jointly by Professor Lee Haring of the University of New York titled: Folk
Tales from Mauritius.

RESEARCH WORK: Anthropological Research on Folk Tales, Traditional Medicine, Traditional Agriculture, Early History of Settlement of Villages under the guidance of Prof. Jean Benoist of the University of Paris, Prof. Lee Haring of the University of New York and Prof. Karen Gallob of the University of Colorado.

Collected and Translated into English about 100 Bhojpuri folk tales and wrote them in International Phonetics.

Contributor of articles on local press:
a. News on Friday

b. Le Mauricien,

c. The Star

d. l’Express