In Line with its goals to alleviate poverty by empowering ambitious students to complete their Tertiary Education, ALIF is offering financial assistance to students with limited means.
However, to ensure that the student obtains a recognized Degree, ALIF has decided to support students who get admissions in State Universities of Malaysia as this Asian neighbor seems to be more appealing by its culture, its quality of education, its security and its affordable cost of living.
Since ALIF already has a working relationship with UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA it will give preference to applicants for financial assistance to those who have received offer of seats at this College.
Applications for financial assistance must reach ALIF SOCIETY by 31st July 2016. No consideration will be given to applications that reach us after the date limit of 31st July 2016.
Applicants can reach us by going to our website:

See some of the profiles of our students.

Alif Society collaborates with the Asian Universities Presidents’ Forum [AUPF] and has attended the last three annual gatherings in Perlis, Bangkok and Guangdong.


You may wish to visit the AUPF site: in case you find a course at a particular University suitable for your needs, Alf can intervene in your favour to expedite your admission.

The Presidents or Vice Chancellors of the following Asian Universities have expressed the wish to welcome students from Mauritius.