Ahmad Parkar

Ahmed Parker,
To-night, I have to do justice to Ahmed Parker, a young Captain of the private sector who has adopted our country and has been constantly asked to head private organizations directly linked to the well being of the nation.
Ahmed’s history is intimately associated with that of his gregarious family headed by the Patriarchal Ali, a caring husband, a visionary and a loving father, his mother Myriam who is also part time mother of that of his children Michael and Olivia and his angel of a wife Angela, his sister Salima and family and his brother Feizal and family. This family exhibits all the qualities of coastal folks of Cocan mixed with the traits of Gujrati pioneers which finally landed on our shores in the glorious years of the Jugnauth Prime-ministership. Yes, those were the Jugnauth days, days of no tax budgets, full employment, hard working Ministers, factory workers and civil servants and crimes reduced to its minimum.
Ahmed is a successful businessman and his qualities have won him friends, admiration, respect and solicitation to put his talents to the use of Mauritius. Very few people can be impervious to the remarkable charm of this human machine. When he talks to somebody, he makes his interlocutor feel that he is the most important person in the world, whose ideas matter really. On a Radio debate against an ultra trade Unionist, he cornered his opponent who found himself short of arguments. Ahmed could have given him the death blow. When I asked him why he spared his opponent, he told me with his usual smile: he is a partner in development and I want him to remain it, I don’t need enemies to make the private sector work.
So he has to pay a price for his qualities.
He has been President of the MCCI, member of EM, BOI and now, for the second tenure, President of MEXA at a time when the economic conditions are unfavorable and the effects of sub-primes crisis, failures of banks and other financial institutions have brought about a world recession. The MEXA needed a man of action to counter the painful effects of the downturn, to distribute the national sacrifice equitably and see to it that that the take off comes as soon as possible.
Ahmed has been through hot fire but this one is the hottest of all fires. Great leaders are forged by great crises: where would Churchill be without Hitler and the Second World War? Let us hope and pray that Ahmed comes out victorious. His great belief is “There is nothing wrong with Mauritius that cannot be cured by what is right with Mauritius”.
Ahmed’s legacy is a resilient Starknitwear. History’s verdict is hard to predict. He may lose today, because there has been a yesterday, and tomorrow is coming. ”Goethe All I can say with certainty is that we’ll be hearing a great deal about Ahmed Parker in the years to come- and not just because he is the President of the MEXA or the son of our Patron, the famous Ali.